Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back from Montreal

Interesting trip to Montreal and Quebec City. The humidity nearly killed me, but hit the bonanza in tourist perks in seeing Quebec City old town on "New France Day" when the locals were dressed in period costumes and showing colonial life. One friendly flashed me his bed time attire.

Another perk was fireworks competition and we saw the display from South Africa.

I had a nice view from my room of Notre Dame, and could check out if it was raining and know the humidity would be worse for the day.
Besides the amazing architecture, the country side was so green.... in August! Here in California its dried out yellow and an invitation to fires this time of year. But all is not all good news, disaster struck some in Quebec when they suffered a tornado. The city has a great Metro system supported by the bus system, so one can easily get around. They had a beautiful stained glass window in the subway station near our hotel.

1:37:00 PM
by Char Konrad